Samples of Published Work

Interview with Alexa Hampton, Design’s Wonder Woman

Gracious and down-to-earth, top designer Alexa Hampton shares how she manages to do it all.  Read more >>

Interview with Julia Noran, President and Site Director, The Editor-At-Large

Julia Noran, President and Site Director for The Editor At Large, tells Kathryn where design is headed now in an interview for Williams-Sonoma's Designer Marketplace.   Read more >>

Natural Talent: Furniture Designers Brad Huntzinger and Kate McIntyre

Inspired by the shapes and forms of nature, Brad Huntzinger and Kate McIntyre create exquisite furniture for Ironies and Oly  Read more >>

Outdoor Connection

Kathryn visits a spectacular hilltop home designed by architect Robert Swatt  Read more >>

Chaise Lounge Awards 2010

Honoring the best in cinema set design, Kathryn hands out her Chaise Lounge Awards for the movies of 2010  Read more >>

Service Call

Winner of the 2009 Starstone Fiction Award for Sunstone Magazine  Read more >>

Top This!

Sure granite's great, but other countertop choices rock, too  Read more >>

Worries Go By The Wayside With Knitting

How knitting landed Kathryn a luxury suite in Manhattan and a dinner with Fabio  Read more >>

Petal Pusher

Inspired by nature, Oakland potter Whitney Smith finds her career in full flower  Read more >>

Cozy in Chicago

Clean contemporary design blows into the windy city  Read more >>