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Friday Things: The Long Shadows Edition

Talking with friends at Monterey Bay

Reading about the young Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, this link to an earlier film about her life appeared.  Watching it I was struck by her shy smile, the rushing waters where she lived in northern Pakistan and the inescapable violence that surrounded her.  But I was also fascinated by her parents–the never photographed mother [...]

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Lunch Cake


We were lucky enough to have old friends over for Saturday lunch.  The wife is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and after nine months of procedures is just now taking short trips out and about.  Longtime friends, we used to camp and hike together when our children were little. Now I worried she wouldn’t [...]

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A Most Interesting Pie

About this pie.  It’s made from this recipe in response to an offhand remark from my son-in-law Dan that “everybody likes a good strawberry-rhubarb pie, don’t they?”   Apparently, a good number of people do, as 6,366 people have paused to look at this pie photo so far today on Flickr. I’d shared the photo in [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Road Jam outside Tarma, Peru

Happy Valentine’s Day!   A few weeks ago I was stuck on a muddy road outside Tarma, Peru waiting over an hour for construction to clear. Was I frustrated? Of course. But after awhile I stopped fussing about getting to our destination and started focusing on the  unexpected beauty around me.  I saw a good [...]

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My Life of Pie

Pumpkin Pie in a Polish pie plate 2013

For years, I wrestled with pie-making.  I’ve been the designated pie maker ever since we started traveling to the Monterey Peninsula for Thanksgiving and until a few years ago it was mostly a failure experience. A confident and experienced cook, I was baffled that pie crusts Would Not Cooperate. I played by the rules—chilling the [...]

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Beyond Bread and Butter

Pumpkin Bread Pudding from Gourmet Today

On the day my keys went missing I tried out two hearty fall recipes.  The first was a savory panade made from layers of buttered cabbage and rye bread and gruyere cheese.  It’s a dish meant for Swiss peasant farmers or snowboarders or anyone coming in from the cold.  The second was a bread pudding [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Baby Steps Edition

I’m looking forward to a fun, full weekend that’s kicking off with a co-ed baby shower for two recently married men adopting their second child. The happy couple are part of my Mormon church congregation and we’re gathering to celebrate their new addition. Yep. You read right. A group of Mormons are hosting a baby [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Autumn Equinox Edition

On this week of the fall equinox I’ve been spending time getting ready to host a baby shower for a young friend.  Other friends are bringing the food which means I’ve been able to focus my party prep on my home and garden.  Early in the week, feeling very Mrs. Dalloway-esque, I headed to my [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Ugly Nail Polish Edition

"The Twill of It" nail polish by Essie

How does something ugly become a thing of beauty? Take the popularity of this bruise-like grey/purple/green nail color from Essie called “For the Twill of It.” (Don’t you just love nail polish names?) The shimmery black shade evokes beetle exoskeletons, fish scales and bat wings–perfect for Halloween but how about early September?  I decided to [...]

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Saving the America’s Cup Playground

The America’s Cup finals are happening here in San Francisco just as the fog’s rolled out and the warm weather’s rolled in. Boats of all shapes and sizes cut across the Bay this afternoon like kids playing tag on a September playground. While the hi-tech racing catamarans were docked for the day—races resume tomorrow—a splashy lineup [...]

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