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Candy Crush

Tootsie Rolls - Halloween 2017

Though we’re likely to get just a handful of trick-or-treaters tonight, it didn’t seem right not to have candy at the door.  So, I swung by the local CVS and wandered the aisles looking for something to serve the brave ghouls and goblins who navigated their way to us. If I had a skeletal metabolism [...]

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Kathryn Pritchett

writes about Things Elemental — where we find shelter, why we connect, what sustains us and how we strut our stuff.

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    • We weren’t sure what we’d do with all that time at sea. I brought along a fully loaded Kindle and two knitting projects. Only made it through one book and the beginning of a shawl. Because there are no excursions in the North Atlantic (though we did pass by the spot where the Titanic sank) the QM2 offers a full docket of activities, lectures and events. MJ kept saying this was like scout camp and we were earning our merit badges. We took water color classes, I sang with the guest choir and joined the afternoon knitting circle, MJ borrowed a book from the well-appointed library, we worked out with a Croatian bodybuilder/yoga instructor who taught us “pistol pose,” perfected our cha-cha for the evening balls, visited the dogs in the top-deck kennel and learned about architecture/Middle Eastern politics/British films. We were seated at the captain’s table every evening (though the captain never joined us) and made a host of new friends. We were the young kids in this crowd which was split pretty evenly between Brits and Americans. All around a marvelous voyage to mark a big birthday.