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Now That Was a Great Eclipse

Total Eclipse of the Sun, August 21, 2017 by David Kimball

When my brother Bruce sent an email to the whole family telling us that this summer there would be a total eclipse of the sun visible from mom’s backyard, I thought “big whoop.”  I mean, I’d seen a few partial lunar eclipses before and they were interesting but not life-changing.  Nevertheless, a major celestial event [...]

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Post-Vacation Comfort Food

Bluberry Nectarine Cobbler - California Fresh Harvest

I don’t know about you, but after I’ve been on the road awhile I crave getting back into the kitchen. Too many treats and too many meals on the fly have me wanting to make something familiar, preferably something that emphasizes fruits and vegetables.  So over the past few days since we returned home I’ve [...]

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Home Again

Beautiful At Deco light fixture in my grandmother's farmhouse

Hello again.  I’m just back from Idaho after reunioning with my family.  As our numbers swell, it gets trickier to house all the Looslis.  But this time we were lucky enough to bunk at my grandparents’ farmhouse, recently renovated by my dad’s sister Carol and her builder son Brett.   We woke to the view [...]

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