Friday Things Considered: The In-N-Out Edition

I just dropped my son off at the airport and headed straight to In-N-Out burger.  He’d hoped to do one last run before he got on the plane, but time was tight and traffic was bad.  So he made his flight and I made one last stop on the “Eat Like A Twenty-Two Year Old” food plan, per his request.  Love knows no bounds.  Or calorie counts.

The week started out well with a trip to Boulevard to celebrate his sister’s birthday.  Lit up with gorgeous views of the Bay Lights, this sumptuous San Francisco restaurant offered exquisite dishes in a beautiful Belle Epoque setting.  What more could you ask for?

It turns out A Lot.  At least if you’re an athletic 6’2” man-boy with the metabolism of a hummingbird.  The next week included a greatest hits run through East Bay food joints like Bakesale Betty for the fried chicken sandwiches and Homeroom for its classic mac ’n’ cheese.  We added a little ethnic diversity with some bolgogi at the Sahn Maru Korean B.B.Q. and Chinese chicken wraps from Little Shin Shin. At home I grilled burgers and made potato salad and taco salad and strawberry shortcake and chocolate chip cookies and peach cobbler.

I had fun creating and sharing all those boy-favorite meals but now I’m ready for a little kale salad.  Maybe a cup of berries on the side.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle the Apple Jacks he left behind. A girl’s gotta pace herself.


Here are some other tasty tidbits from the week:

1. Remember how grueling the end-of-school time can be for Moms?

2. Once the last school bell has run, here’s how to make summer last longer—at least in your mind.

3. While you’re swinging in a hammock (rope or virtual), think about what makes you you.

4. My husband, mother-in-law and son-in-law are all smart, tenacious southpaws.  This is for them.

5. My fix-it-guy husband got a kick out of this spoof on how men and women approach problems.  Me, too.

Happy Weekend!


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