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On Wearing Religious Jewelry

Enameled mosaic cross necklace

For years now I’ve thought about buying a cross necklace.  But though I’m a Christian, wearing crosses is not part of my faith tradition.  In fact, growing up—back when Mormons were feuding with Catholics—I was told that Mormons did not wear crosses.  That we emphasized Christ’s resurrection not his crucifixion and that wearing one would [...]

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Kathryn Pritchett

writes about Things Elemental — where we find shelter, why we connect, what sustains us and how we strut our stuff.

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    • We weren’t sure what we’d do with all that time at sea. I brought along a fully loaded Kindle and two knitting projects. Only made it through one book and the beginning of a shawl. Because there are no excursions in the North Atlantic (though we did pass by the spot where the Titanic sank) the QM2 offers a full docket of activities, lectures and events. MJ kept saying this was like scout camp and we were earning our merit badges. We took water color classes, I sang with the guest choir and joined the afternoon knitting circle, MJ borrowed a book from the well-appointed library, we worked out with a Croatian bodybuilder/yoga instructor who taught us “pistol pose,” perfected our cha-cha for the evening balls, visited the dogs in the top-deck kennel and learned about architecture/Middle Eastern politics/British films. We were seated at the captain’s table every evening (though the captain never joined us) and made a host of new friends. We were the young kids in this crowd which was split pretty evenly between Brits and Americans. All around a marvelous voyage to mark a big birthday.