Bathing Beauty

While in D.C. recently I swung by the Newseum and saw plenty of memorable images, but the one I’m recalling on this warm summer day comes from old footage of the JFK clan cavorting in a pool. Surprisingly, Jackie frolics in a petaled bathing cap much like the one I saw my mother wear in the ’60s.  Even as a child I thought that putting plastic daisies on your head in order to keep your “do” done was silly, but that footage showed me that my very stylish mother was just keeping up with the Kennedys.

I couldn’t find a still image of Jackie in her petaled cap, but it looked something like this:

The 60's

I did find this charming image of her in her fringed toque. Oh, Jackie.


I swim in sleek lycra or silicone helmets that are no more flattering than the festooned bathing caps of the past. Seeing the queen of Camelot in her aquatic garden bonnet made me think that a little froufrou on top could actually be an attractive option, if I dared.  Alas, I have no modern Jackie O to lead the way.

Photos from Vogue, Froot Loops, and Jaques Lowe Photography






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