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Friday Things Considered

Deborah Madison and Kathryn Pritchett at Camino Restaurant, Oakland 4/18/13

The night that Boston police were shooting it up with the Tsarnaev brothers, I was at our favorite restaurant Camino celebrating vegetables.  Renowned cookbook author Deborah Madison was in town and Camino was hosting a dinner for Madison with a menu inspired by the recipes from her new cookbook Vegetable Literacy.  I’d like to tell [...]

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Friday Things Considered

My apologies to the rest of the country.   I know you’re oh-so-tired of shoveling snow and watching icicles form on icicles.  But here in the Bay Area, we are in the clutches of an early spring and we can’t help but crow about it. Try to think of our incessant postings of beautiful blossoms as [...]

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