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Friday Things Considered: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Road Jam outside Tarma, Peru

Happy Valentine’s Day!   A few weeks ago I was stuck on a muddy road outside Tarma, Peru waiting over an hour for construction to clear. Was I frustrated? Of course. But after awhile I stopped fussing about getting to our destination and started focusing on the  unexpected beauty around me.  I saw a good [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Spring Planting Edition

Spring played peek-a-boo this week with on and off showers and some balmy days punctuated by frosty nights. Nevertheless, I enjoyed several playdates in the garden with some cold-weather annuals.  Like my mother always says about lipstick—everyone needs a little color! Here are a few other things that brightened my world: 1. If you, too, [...]

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Friday Things Considered

My apologies to the rest of the country.   I know you’re oh-so-tired of shoveling snow and watching icicles form on icicles.  But here in the Bay Area, we are in the clutches of an early spring and we can’t help but crow about it. Try to think of our incessant postings of beautiful blossoms as [...]

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Top o’ the Morning

At 6:05 this morning my friend Rosie called to see if I was still willing to meet up for our weekly walk in Mountain View Cemetery.  The first real storm of the year was in full force and I knew I could stay in bed with a clear conscience. I was tempted to cancel, but [...]

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Bigfoot Apple Pies

Saturday my friend Pauline showed up with a sack of flour and 10 lbs of apples to make pies for Bigfoot. Yes, you read that right. She was on her way north with a bigtime Bigfoot believer friend  to try and spot Sasquatch in his/her native habitat.  Of course, getting the Yeti to make an [...]

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