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Lunch Cake


We were lucky enough to have old friends over for Saturday lunch.  The wife is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and after nine months of procedures is just now taking short trips out and about.  Longtime friends, we used to camp and hike together when our children were little. Now I worried she wouldn’t [...]

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Book Clubbing

Saturday Reading Options

On the prowl for new reading material last night, I dropped by a local church hall to hear Rebecca Miller (author, filmaker, wife of Daniel Day Lewis) read from her new novel “Jacob’s Folly.”  Miller was articulate and the book seems intriguing, but as she spoke I was as distracted as her protagonist housefly.  You [...]

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Spending Time

All I ever wanted since I arrived here on Earth were the things that turned out to be within reach, the same things I needed as a baby—to go from cold to warm, lonely to held, the vessel to the giver, empty to full. –Anne Lamott  On Wednesday I spent the afternoon with my friend Athanasia, [...]

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Top o’ the Morning

At 6:05 this morning my friend Rosie called to see if I was still willing to meet up for our weekly walk in Mountain View Cemetery.  The first real storm of the year was in full force and I knew I could stay in bed with a clear conscience. I was tempted to cancel, but [...]

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Kathryn Pritchett

writes about Things Elemental — where we find shelter, why we connect, what sustains us and how we strut our stuff.