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San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2013

SFDS Living Room - Catherine Kwong

Look for an extensive overview of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in the Bay Area News Group papers this Saturday, but in the meantime here’s a peak at design elements that felt fresh and noteworthy this year. Contemporary Art as Inspiration Check out the Cy Twombly inspired floors in Catherine Kwong’s living room, above.  See those [...]

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Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

We’re down to the wire now people.  Less than a week ‘til Christmas and if your house is anything like mine, it’s covered in a staggering mix of wrapping paper scraps and powdered sugar. Time to take stock of what we realistically can do and what needs to go into our dreams of Christmas future. [...]

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Light it up!

Christmas Lights

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the House of Bliss. The front porch is dripping with white icicle lights and the back terraced garden is strung willy-nilly with colored bulbs, creating what my husband likes to call “our holiday light mullet.” Yep.  Classy in the front and a party in the [...]

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    • Years ago I was bent on creating a perennial garden much like those in Penelope Hobhouse's English garden books. I especially loved the way the purple globes of the giant alliums played with the roses and other flowering plants but they didn't seem to grow around here and so they've never been part of any of my gardens. In fact I don't think I'd ever seen one before until I saw a whole swath of them in Boston this past weekend and stopped to take a photo along with several other flower-lovers. One of them turned to me and asked if I knew what they were. "Giant alliums," I said. "Part of the onion family." Can't tell you what book I read last week but I can recall a plant from a book I read twenty-five years ago. Go figure.