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Happy 4th!

4th of July cookies

Happy Independence Day!  How are you celebrating the 4th? We’re searching the unpacked storeroom for our flag, assembling a new grill to replace the old Weber that got crunched in the move and catching up on The Americans (so good but intense!). Tonight, barring too much fog, we’ll see if our new hilltop location affords [...]

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Winding Down

Merry Christmas all! Here’s hoping you’re resting from your holiday labors this weekend.  Feet up, book in hand, take-out menus or a no-fuss slow cooker recipe nearby.  Me? I’m perusing a new collection of essays on knitting, finalizing Peru plans and playing with the kids when they’re around. Just doing my best to slow down [...]

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Holiday Home Stretch

Holiday Card 2013 - Minted

At a recent gathering a friend mentioned how much she was anticipating Christmas and another responded that as a child she could hardly sleep because of the anticipation.  I remember feeling that way as a kid, but as a grownup it’s easy to become more anxious than excited about Christmas.  I still lose sleep, but [...]

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin

If you’re still looking for some last minute Halloween decor ideas–simpler than this front yard fright fest I spotted in Virginia last week–consider combining seasonal votives and an exceptionally gnarled pumpkin with a black tablecloth. Or add a string of spooky black cat lights to an all black tablescape like the one Design Within Reach put [...]

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Spring Treats

Easter Bouquet + Peeps

True confession: I like Peeps.  Yes, those Day-Glo sugar-coated marshmallow chicks are a taste treat I actually look forward to every Easter.  To enhance the texture, I open the package a few days early to let them get a little crunchy on the outside and set them out as part of my holiday display.  Look [...]

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Friday Things Considered

Oxalis field

Like a tipsy party guest, oxalis—with its day-glo yellow blossoms and exuberant growth patterns—can be a pain to those attempting a manicured springtime garden display. Here in the woodland hills of Oakland, however, outrageously cheery swaths of oxalis are as welcome as a sunny patch of daffodils in a proper English garden. Also, did you [...]

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Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

We’re down to the wire now people.  Less than a week ‘til Christmas and if your house is anything like mine, it’s covered in a staggering mix of wrapping paper scraps and powdered sugar. Time to take stock of what we realistically can do and what needs to go into our dreams of Christmas future. [...]

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Light it up!

Christmas Lights

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the House of Bliss. The front porch is dripping with white icicle lights and the back terraced garden is strung willy-nilly with colored bulbs, creating what my husband likes to call “our holiday light mullet.” Yep.  Classy in the front and a party in the [...]

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Wild Turkeys and Pilgrim Pugs

Wild Turkeys

A few weeks ago I walked out my front door and ran into seven wild turkeys pecking at hidden treasures in the long grass on the banks of our front creek. Mindless of me, three of them marched up the porch steps to stand at my front door as though they expected someone to let [...]

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