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Moving On: Odds & Ends

White Heron by Benjamin Moore for the exterior color

So here we are at the end of this crazy month of remodeling.  I just left the new house after taking a peak at the glossy grey floors, the final coat still shiny wet as it begins to cure.  The new coat of exterior paint (White Heron by Benjamin Moore—more white!) glowed against the clear [...]

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Design San Francisco 2014 – Suzanne Tucker and Singing the Blues

On a not-so-blue-skies day last week I popped into Design San Francisco to catch Suzanne Tucker’s gracious presentation about her design practice illustrated with projects from her new book “The Romance of Design”. (Read more of what Tucker had to say in my BANG profile this weekend.) After she’d  finished, I took a closer look at the [...]

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Pondering Peru

Street children in Olliantaytambo

Hello!  I’m back from exploring a part of the world that is frankly otherworldly.  Peru was so much more colorful, noisy, beautiful and demanding than I expected.  I’ll share more over the next few weeks as I edit photos and compose my thoughts, but couldn’t wait to show you some of the gorgeous colors and [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Loose Threads Edition

Loose Threads, Too

Ever since I finished a ten-years-in-the-making quilt top on Tuesday, I’ve been happily plucking clipped loose threads off my furniture, clothing—even my hair brush. Now the top (and back) are off to be professionally quilted and I’m savoring the delicious pause between completed and new projects. I’m also taking a little break from fiction writing [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Happy Birthday M.J. Edition

Happy Birthday to my husband, M.J.  Well before Google was invented, he became the search engine in my world. Brilliant, clever, kind and decent–he’s provided the answers to so many questions in my life. Big and little. Our children mock our geeky courtship–we met in our university’s honors program, competed on the same College Bowl [...]

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Shades of Gray

Detail - Williams-Sonoma Sienna Jacquard Table Cloth in Gray

While congress squabbles, let’s consider some accoutrements of civility, shall we? For my tea party/baby shower over the weekend I decided to look for table linens more in keeping with the wall colors in this house. Since the interior walls are painted in the beige/gray/greige shades of the revamped Restoration Hardware, I started there and [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Autumn Equinox Edition

On this week of the fall equinox I’ve been spending time getting ready to host a baby shower for a young friend.  Other friends are bringing the food which means I’ve been able to focus my party prep on my home and garden.  Early in the week, feeling very Mrs. Dalloway-esque, I headed to my [...]

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White in August

I hear that kids are heading back to school this week. Which means, I suppose, that summer is over. Did it ever really begin? Work proceeds apace and my time away has been dictated by family obligations. Thinking about gearing up for full bore fall productivity makes me long for a stretch of emptied out [...]

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Spring Treats

Easter Bouquet + Peeps

True confession: I like Peeps.  Yes, those Day-Glo sugar-coated marshmallow chicks are a taste treat I actually look forward to every Easter.  To enhance the texture, I open the package a few days early to let them get a little crunchy on the outside and set them out as part of my holiday display.  Look [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Easter Edition

Spring Green

Reading about how a walk in nature can relieve brain fatigue (no kidding) makes me even more grateful to be surrounded by rejuvenating spring greens this time of year. Other things that perked me up this week: 1. These charming Coach videos of old and young fashionistas playing dress up together  (via Advanced Style). 2. [...]

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