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Sacred Spaces

St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco

I spent much of Saturday walking on holy ground.  First in the East Bay hills, next in another faith’s church, and finally, in a basketball gym. Sacred spaces all. I was up in the hills for a memorial service was held on a private ranch overlooking Contra Costa county.  A dozen of us gathered to [...]

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Friday Things Considered

Oxalis field

Like a tipsy party guest, oxalis—with its day-glo yellow blossoms and exuberant growth patterns—can be a pain to those attempting a manicured springtime garden display. Here in the woodland hills of Oakland, however, outrageously cheery swaths of oxalis are as welcome as a sunny patch of daffodils in a proper English garden. Also, did you [...]

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Arms Folded, Heads Bowed

I just finished reading Joanna Brooks’ excellent collection of essays The Book of Mormon Girl. Like Brooks I grew up Mormon but unlike Brooks I’ve stayed an active member throughout my life. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t felt some of the frustrations she describes with the LDS church. It’s an imperfect institution filled [...]

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Kathryn Pritchett

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