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Friday Things Considered: The Father’s Day Edition

S. Lynn Loosli fence building with granddaughter Abbie Loosli

For Father’s Day I wrote a story about “man caves” for the Bay Area News Group. Did your father have a man cave?  Does the man in your house? My dad had a small home office carved out of the back porch that was lined with book shelves filled with scriptures, Reader’s Digest Book-of-the-Month picks, [...]

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Friday Things Considered

Today is my baby boy’s 22nd birthday.  Like all three of my children, he ignored his due date and lingered with me for awhile.  Though my midwife Peggy (aka the Babycatcher) knew this was a pattern with me and mine, she thought the baby was getting too big and decided she better hurry things along. “Happy [...]

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Boston Marathon

Start of the Boston Marathon 2013

I woke up yesterday to a text from my son showing a photo of runners.  “Starting lineup,” he’d written. I kept one eye open long enough to type “For what?” “The Boston Marathon,” he replied. He hadn’t mentioned that he planned to be at the marathon when we talked the night before.  But that sounded [...]

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Friday Things Considered : The Stueben Vase Edition

Stueben bud vase

The night before our wedding, my oh-so-chic Aunt Carole and Uncle Curtis gave us an elegant bud vase made by the Stueben Glass company. Recognizing that we didn’t have a clue about fine art glass, they let us know that this little vase was something of value. That it might be an heirloom someday. We [...]

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Wild Turkeys and Pilgrim Pugs

Wild Turkeys

A few weeks ago I walked out my front door and ran into seven wild turkeys pecking at hidden treasures in the long grass on the banks of our front creek. Mindless of me, three of them marched up the porch steps to stand at my front door as though they expected someone to let [...]

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