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Friday Things Considered: The Gatsby Edition

Grand Lake 2

The summer movie season began officially for me last weekend when we took in The Great Gatsby at The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland.  Built in 1926, just a year after Gatsby was first published, the Grand Lake boasts marvelous Art Deco interiors and some awfully sweet concessionaires.  The story fell flat for me but the [...]

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Friday Things Considered

Cherry Blossoms

I thought I’d be rhapsodizing about cherry blossoms this morning.  Instead, I’m waiting for the Opossum Angel of Death to remove a dying critter from my crawl space. Mother Nature is full of complexities. A few nights ago as I lay reading in bed, I heard something scratching underneath our bedroom floorboards and woke my [...]

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Happy Lunar New Year!

Out with the dragon, in with the snake! This past Year of the Dragon was HUGE for me and mine. We sold our family home, moved to a new place, married off both daughters in style and welcomed our son home after two years living abroad. On those charts that measure stress-inducing events, well—we’d be [...]

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Girl Power

Watching the political duel that was the second presidential debate, I couldn’t believe the amount of testosterone on display.  The president, usually so suave and unflappable, came off as a vindictive bully.   Gov. Romney, abandoning his gosh-golly-darn colloquialisms, prowled the stage like a veteran combatant ready to wrestle the POTUS to the mat. Really, [...]

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Restock or Reinvent?

Ever since I was a little girl pouring over the Sears catalog* to order school clothes I’ve loved the idea of creating a wardrobe from scratch. Unlike a friend who lost her home and all her belongings in the Oakland Hills fire  (or a cousin who once  had most of her wardrobe stolen from a [...]

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