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Design at the Movies – Chaise Lounge Awards 2017

The Academy Awards happen this weekend and so it’s time once again to celebrate my favorite design elements in last year’s movies.  Of those films nominated for Best Production Design I’m pulling for Hail Caesar! and its giddy rendition of ‘50s LA.  But I suspect the Technicolor toss-up will go to La La Land. If [...]

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Best Movie Sets of 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel - 64th Berlin Film Festival

This weekend is the Oscars and rumor has it that actress and design enthusiast Julianne Moore is helping to decorate the official Green Room.  I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. I’m also excited about taking one more glimpse at the art direction and sets from the past year’s movies. Whether it [...]

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Best Design in the Movies of 2013


There are just a few more days left to see some of last year’s fabulous set designs on the big screen. If possible, check out “American Hustle” or “Her” in a theater and rent “The Great Gatsby” before the Oscars are handed out on Sunday night.  These three movies topped my list (and the Academy’s) [...]

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Making a Scene

Making A Scene - New York TImes Magazine

So then there’s the day your daughter’s work and name makes it into the New York Times and you marvel at life’s unexpected blessings.

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Friday Things Considered: The Gatsby Edition

Grand Lake 2

The summer movie season began officially for me last weekend when we took in The Great Gatsby at The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland.  Built in 1926, just a year after Gatsby was first published, the Grand Lake boasts marvelous Art Deco interiors and some awfully sweet concessionaires.  The story fell flat for me but the [...]

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Oscars 2013 – The Morning After

Anna Karenina

I love going to the movies.  Possibly because I grew up in small-town Idaho and didn’t really see that many movies in an actual theater.  I remember traveling an hour to see Julie Andrews sing do-re-mi in The Sound of Music at a movie theater in Idaho Falls.  I fell in love with Timothy Dalton [...]

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    • We weren’t sure what we’d do with all that time at sea. I brought along a fully loaded Kindle and two knitting projects. Only made it through one book and the beginning of a shawl. Because there are no excursions in the North Atlantic (though we did pass by the spot where the Titanic sank) the QM2 offers a full docket of activities, lectures and events. MJ kept saying this was like scout camp and we were earning our merit badges. We took water color classes, I sang with the guest choir and joined the afternoon knitting circle, MJ borrowed a book from the well-appointed library, we worked out with a Croatian bodybuilder/yoga instructor who taught us “pistol pose,” perfected our cha-cha for the evening balls, visited the dogs in the top-deck kennel and learned about architecture/Middle Eastern politics/British films. We were seated at the captain’s table every evening (though the captain never joined us) and made a host of new friends. We were the young kids in this crowd which was split pretty evenly between Brits and Americans. All around a marvelous voyage to mark a big birthday.