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3 Things On My Ideal House List


A month into house hunting my weeks are taking on a steady rhythm.  On Friday we scan the MLS listings and plan what open houses we’ll attend that weekend.  Saturday and Sunday afternoons we tour.  Monday morning three a.m. I’m wide awake redecorating the most recently seen possibilities.  Tuesday middle-of-the-night doubt creeps in.  Wednesday morning [...]

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House-hunting Hussy

Painted Vintage Teacups on Etsy by trixiedelicious

I am such a house-hunting hussy.  Just last month I was bemoaning the buyers who left us at the altar and now that our house has sold to someone else I’m flirting with every possible dwelling that comes my way. Actually, not every possibility.  Some of the options have been so bad I’d be afraid [...]

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Silent Night

Under siege by prospective homebuyers, we escaped once again to the movies.  The 1927 silent film Napoleon was being staged in downtown Oakland at the glorious Paramount Theater. The East Bay Symphony would play the never-before-heard-in-America score by British composer Carl Davis and Davis himself would be conducting.  The entire production would take 8.5 hours [...]

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So after a long day of viewing places to rent we got a call from our realtor telling us that our buyers had dropped out.  Three weeks into our courtship they were dumping us without warning. Their realtor didn’t leave an explanation in her abrupt email saying they wanted to cancel the contract. But eventually [...]

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On The Hunt

Look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid and you’ll find “security of property” in the second tier from the bottom, right above food and sleep.  When you don’t have a place to live, it’s hard to move into loftier states of being where you worry about solving world hunger or even making lunch dates with [...]

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