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Friday Things Considered: The Stephen Curry Edition

Baseball Player Stencil by Francesca Cole

Not much of a sports fan, I can barely distinguish the Final Four from the Fourth Quarter. Case in point. . . This week while having my teeth cleaned I heard a round of applause just outside the exam room door.  The dental staff is usually pretty supportive of my flossing technique, but I’ve never [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Gatsby Edition

Grand Lake 2

The summer movie season began officially for me last weekend when we took in The Great Gatsby at The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland.  Built in 1926, just a year after Gatsby was first published, the Grand Lake boasts marvelous Art Deco interiors and some awfully sweet concessionaires.  The story fell flat for me but the [...]

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Friday Things Considered

Today is my baby boy’s 22nd birthday.  Like all three of my children, he ignored his due date and lingered with me for awhile.  Though my midwife Peggy (aka the Babycatcher) knew this was a pattern with me and mine, she thought the baby was getting too big and decided she better hurry things along. “Happy [...]

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Friday Things Considered

Astronauts explain the B612 Project

Picking up from last Friday’s post—a mama racoon died unexpectedly right here beneath the floorboards of our home and her cubs went missing and that’s left me unsettled all week. But there was also a happy circle-of-life surprise this week.  My niece Kristen gave birth to little Lila Sharon and all of a sudden I [...]

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Oscars 2013 – The Morning After

Anna Karenina

I love going to the movies.  Possibly because I grew up in small-town Idaho and didn’t really see that many movies in an actual theater.  I remember traveling an hour to see Julie Andrews sing do-re-mi in The Sound of Music at a movie theater in Idaho Falls.  I fell in love with Timothy Dalton [...]

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Silent Night

Under siege by prospective homebuyers, we escaped once again to the movies.  The 1927 silent film Napoleon was being staged in downtown Oakland at the glorious Paramount Theater. The East Bay Symphony would play the never-before-heard-in-America score by British composer Carl Davis and Davis himself would be conducting.  The entire production would take 8.5 hours [...]

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Almost every weekend you’re likely to find me at the movies with my husband.  Our first date was to see Werner Herzog’s Aguirre: The Wrath of God at our campus’s international cinema. Ah, cinema nerds in love–wunderbar! Thirty-one years later we’re still splitting a small bag of popcorn and  some Red Vines while we take in [...]

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    • The sun finally broke through for the final round of dedication ceremonies at the Oakland LDS Temple today. Lots of good thoughts and prayers, but a rousing “Spirit of God,”sung in a small third floor sealing room, was my fiery highlight.