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Friday Things Considered

Father & Son watching boats on the beach in Fort Lauderdale

I’m just back from a long weekend in Miami where I enjoyed the surf and sun and wondered what this world is coming to.  Everywhere I looked people were ignoring the lovely sites around them and glued to their smartphones.  Perhaps they’re just better at multi-tasking than me, but it seems that if you can’t [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Easter Edition

Spring Green

Reading about how a walk in nature can relieve brain fatigue (no kidding) makes me even more grateful to be surrounded by rejuvenating spring greens this time of year. Other things that perked me up this week: 1. These charming Coach videos of old and young fashionistas playing dress up together  (via Advanced Style). 2. [...]

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Salvage Yard Savvy

Bathroom Fixtures - Ohmega Salvage

Some design pros contend that old things are obsolete. They insist that modern design is where it’s at and that the passion for patina is definitely past its prime. I beg to differ. In a world gone Green, the desire to reuse, repurpose and recycle is really blossoming. Ask designer Joanne Palmisano, author of the [...]

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Book Clubbing

Saturday Reading Options

On the prowl for new reading material last night, I dropped by a local church hall to hear Rebecca Miller (author, filmaker, wife of Daniel Day Lewis) read from her new novel “Jacob’s Folly.”  Miller was articulate and the book seems intriguing, but as she spoke I was as distracted as her protagonist housefly.  You [...]

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Friday Things Considered: The Spring Planting Edition

Spring played peek-a-boo this week with on and off showers and some balmy days punctuated by frosty nights. Nevertheless, I enjoyed several playdates in the garden with some cold-weather annuals.  Like my mother always says about lipstick—everyone needs a little color! Here are a few other things that brightened my world: 1. If you, too, [...]

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Sympathy Brownies

Sympathy Brownies

Last week I stepped away from my computer for a short break to work on my Purl Soho scarf while half-listening to an old episode of Glee. As the Warblers warbled, I fussed with getting the herringbone pattern established, then returned to work. Later on I walked down the driveway to pick up the mail [...]

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Spending Time

All I ever wanted since I arrived here on Earth were the things that turned out to be within reach, the same things I needed as a baby—to go from cold to warm, lonely to held, the vessel to the giver, empty to full. –Anne Lamott  On Wednesday I spent the afternoon with my friend Athanasia, [...]

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Arms Folded, Heads Bowed

I just finished reading Joanna Brooks’ excellent collection of essays The Book of Mormon Girl. Like Brooks I grew up Mormon but unlike Brooks I’ve stayed an active member throughout my life. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t felt some of the frustrations she describes with the LDS church. It’s an imperfect institution filled [...]

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Kathryn Pritchett

writes about Things Elemental — where we find shelter, why we connect, what sustains us and how we strut our stuff.

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    • Back with Zen Glen at last! My how he’s grown in three months. Took him out to see some other impressive growing things at the Huntington. Later on we met up for dinner at the Santa Monica pier with @scatteredrain and friends. #sosocal